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Veli Lošinj is situated in a narrow bay on the southeast side of Lošinj island, at the foot of St. John’s hill. Tall houses in the first row overlooking the harbour and numerous luxurious villas with beautiful gardens are the main characteristics of this pretty town. It has a population of 1000 inhabitants and is the second largest town on the island.
It is interesting to note that in the past Veli Lošinj (Velo selo – “large village”) was bigger than Mali Lošinj (Malo selo – “little village”), but throughout history Mali Lošinj developed more rapidly and today the situation is reversed. The names, however, have remained.

In the narrow streets of Veli Lošinj, a look through old doorways reveals sumptuous villas that belonged to former captains, ship owners and the rich upper class. There are 80 different types of plants growing in the villa gardens, while in Veli Lošinj park, in front of the present-day sanatorium and former residence of the Archduke, Karl Stephan, there are more than 200 botanical species.

Just beside Veli Lošinj is a small fishing port Rovenska which captures attention with its magnificent beach, fishing village ambient, tradition of the people who dedicated their lives to the sea and direct contact with nature


Discover numerous beaches and bays hidden in the Lošinj archipelago, watch the dolphins, ride a bicycle, walk, climb, swim, dine on the local fresh seafood, smell the air filled with the scent of aromatic herbs. Enjoy with all of your senses.